DevLog #0 - So what exactly is Arclands?

Welcome to the first DevLog of Arclands! Information on what you actually do in Arclands has been sparse so I want to rectify this with this gameplay breakdown.

Arclands is a game about creating a buzzing village and becoming a powerful enough wizard to defend it. But what exactly does that mean? The gameplay of Arclands can be divided into three interwoven Pillars: Building/Managing, Exploring and Defending.

Building  & Managing

When you're arriving in the Arclands you've got nothing but your little tent - it provides a place to sleep for you and a few citizens, but is in dire need for upgrading. This represents the core goal in Arclands - upgrading your keep so that your settlement can grow. A better uprgraded keep means more citizens, more buildings and more diverse jobs. All citizens joining your settlement are basic workers at first - they can do manual labor, collect resources, build stuff  and generally do what you tell them. With a more upgraded settlement your citizens can also take up more specialized jobs, such as farmer, forester, herbalist, potion seller...

It's a start!

To upgrade your keep you need an ever increasing amount of different resources. Most of these can be collected by basic citizens – but there are important resources only found deeper in the Arclands. To harvest precious Wizstone for example you have to venture out into the wilderness yourself. Be sure to be prepared though!


There are many more things found outside of your little city – you can find treasure, artifacts and all sorts of interesting people and dark, ancient secrets.

Artifacts can be aquired through various ways.

Artifacts are the greatest treasure waiting for you in the Arclands. These are special items you can find in the wilderness, which you can put on display on altars in your city. Once they are placed on an altar they unveil their magic power – some may heal nearby citizens, others may summon the undead to work your farms or shoot lightning at enemies.

This artifact heals your units.


The creatures inhabiting the Arclands are attracted by the magic power emitted by your settlement. Thats why you were banished here - because it's a damn bad place for wizards to live. If you grow your village to fast without thinking about how you're defending it you're gonna have a bad time. 

A little settlement under attack!

When your keep is destroyed you loose - but that's not necessarily a bad thing.  Depending on how big you grew your village you get Experience Points to spend on new magic abilities. You also get to scavenge some of your artifacts, citizens and resources so you can progress your next settlement faster. 

I hope this little overview gives u a little more understanding about what you're going to do in Arclands! Looking forward to sharing more information with y'all soon.

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cool bro :)

If you have a translation into Portuguese for the future, I would be very happy.

Can't promise anything yet, but I hope to support as many languages as possible!

what does the roads its like a 4x game? or are just decoration?

I was actually thinking about a game like this the other day and now I have found it! I'm going to excitedly keep up with this as it looks exactly like the type of game I could sink many hours into!

It looks great! Is there any possibility of Chinese localization in this game in the future?

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you. If I can secure the funds to do so - definitely!



I am intrigued! :)


Nice! Looks and feels like something i really like to play. 

Когда я могу играть в эту игру?

make sure it supports 3440x1440 because I’m defiantly getting it when its available. Also is there any plans for alpha testers to find bugs and test out and give feedback on game mechanics if so do you have an estimated time / target months? or years? 

No estimates yet sorry. But I'll launch a kickstarter next year which may answer some more questions. 

Looks brilliant. Graphics look fantastic and looks like it has alot of potential. Cant wait to see your next devlog!!!

Thank you for the kind words! I appreciate that. :)

When can i get a copy of it?

No release date yet, sorry.



Beautiful graphics, great work. I'm looking forward to this.

Thank you for the kind words!

Looks super cool! What resolution is it? I also really like color palette. Will keep my eyes on this game for sure.

(1 edit)

Resolution as in display resolution? I'm developing in 16:9 1080p but I'm hoping to support most common resolutions. Thank you!

I was thinking more of drawing resolution - the one you make sprites for because it is scaled up to 1080p isn't it? 


Oh yeah, sure! Native resolution is half that, so 960x540. Tilesize is 16x16.

This game is suspiciously similar to a game idea I wanted to make one day. 😉😛 Looks great man, can't wait to try it. 😊


Haha, I know that feeling! The good thing about not making the game yourself is, that you can play it without knowing everything beforehand. ;)