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what is the player size?

These are amazing! cant wait to see more!


I wish to pay for the full asset bundle. awesome works. thanks for sharing free


Thank you! Follow me on Twitter or on here to stay up to date! :)


Wow, the game looks amazing. Wishlisted and followed ♥


Hello JonKeller, 

I like your art style with the big outlines. Can i make i own game with your style?i will not steal your style without your okay to make it. I dont make the same character or house but i make another things with the big outlines.

Say yes or no :)

Thank you

Thank you and sure, go for it. I didn't invent this style. :)


Okay, thank you :) respect, looks really good!! i will learn pixel art and like this style.

Thank you for sharing your Assets under such a generous license. What Color Palette did you use?

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It's not a predesigned one. I just pick whatever colors fit. ;) When I'll release all the other sprites it will include the color palette tho!

Your game looks awesome! I wishlisted it on Steam :)

Thank you!

pretty cuteE!

Deleted 2 years ago

Mostly Aseprite! It's a great tool for pixelart and animation.

Deleted 2 years ago

Your artstyle is awesome! Thanks for sharing!
This is really amazing work

OMG I love your art style soo much Thank You!!

Really cool, do you plan on adding attack animations to the knight?

And have you planned on what you will be adding in the future?


Every single sprite used in Arclands will be eventually released. This will also include the attack animations for the knight. :)


OH! I thought those trees looked familiar, Im pretty sure I saw this game on reddit at one point, looks good, I wish you a rich release

Don't stop here, keep updating the pack!

Awesome work!

I will! Thank you!

Keep Going!


Really appreciate your sharing, your style's unique,  maybe some quick tutorial videos will awesome :) 

Thank you! Maybe I will add small tutorials on how I create pixel art later down the road. Might be a good idea!


This is great I had to pick this up.  Thanks for giving back to the community.  Look forward to the rest of these . 

Thank you